Title: The Weeds Network

The Weed’s Networkis passionate about a sustainable, viable and creative future in our relationship with weeds. Through a spirit of willing exploration we foster ways to better understand weeds so they become a resource we can use with environment and future generations in mind.

Interest in our message has grown rapidly. The Weed’s News is now distributed fortnightly to over 35,000 farmers, weed scientists, land managers, agricultural consultants, restoration ecologists, council officers and urban gardeners from all over the world. We work to keep weed stakeholders in touch with each other and with the latest weed research and news. Everything we learn about sustainable weeding is compiled and indexed to form a comprehensive on-line resource called the Working With Weeds Guide. We also cover weed employment, weed identification and weed related products and services.

You can support this valuable work by becoming a member, or if you have a business or represent a group, by sponsoringour work, or if you are an Australian taxpayer you can donate to obtain a tax deduction for your contribution and/or membership fee.

Membership - Individual

(One year, includes a fortnightly issue of The Weed's News delivered direct to your email address.)

Member A$50.00*
  Supporter A$200.00*
  Champion A$500.00*

Membership - Corporate

(One year, includes a fortnightly issue of The Weed's News delivered direct to all your nominated email addresses, a one year entry in our Products and Services Directory and an announcement of your joining via The Weed's News (est. circulation 30,000+).

  0- 9 users A$500.00*
  10 - 249 users A$1000.00*
  250+ users $A2,000.00*

If you prefer to pay by direct debit or cheque, please contact and we will send you an invoice.

*Exchange Rate Equalisation - If you living in a country where the cost of a subscription in Australian dollars is prohibitively expensive, please contact us to discuss arranging a conversion to your local currency based on an equity index produced by the United Nations. Similarly, if you are a student or on a low income, please contact David Low to arrange your subscription.

Australian members please note: GST is not payable on your membership.


Sponsorships and promotions are arranged via David Low. Please note that the positioning of your organisation’s logo or banner promotion on our web-site is dependent on the level of sponsorship chosen. The 'Directory', 'Adopt-a-Weed' and 'Publication' options below are our standard sponsorship options and can be purchased via our secure PayPal service.

Note: The Weed's Network is not required to collect GST on sponsorships.

Directory Entry Entry with photo in our Weeds Services & Products Directory A$200
Adopt-a-weed Adopt a weed identification page (email weedsnews1@gmail.com with the species of your choice and have your name or organisation acknowledged as adopting sponsor). A$200
Publication Entry Place your book entry in our publications area (one year).




Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian tax purposes. No GST is payable on donations.

Donations are made to Monash University and all of your donation is then allocated to The Weed's Network which is based in the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University, Australia.

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