Title: A meta-analysis of the effects of pesticides and fertilizers on survival and growth of amphibians

Abstract: The input of agrochemicals has contributed to alteration of community composition in managed and associated natural systems, including amphibian biodiversity. Pesticides and fertilizers negatively affect many amphibian species and can cause mortality and sublethal effects, such as reduced growth and increased susceptibility to disease. However, the effect of pesticides and fertilizers varies among amphibian species. We used meta-analytic techniques to quantify the lethal and sublethal effects of pesticides and fertilizers on amphibians in an effort to review the published work to date and produce generalized conclusions. We found that pesticides and fertilizers had a negative effect on survival of − 0.9027 and growth of − 0.0737 across all reported amphibian species. We also observed differences between chemical classes in their impact on amphibians: inorganic fertilizers, organophosphates, chloropyridinyl, phosphonoglycines, carbamates, and triazines negatively affected amphibian survival, while organophosphates and phosphonoglycines negatively affected amphibian growth. Our results suggest that pesticides and fertilizers are an important stressor for amphibians in agriculturally dominated systems. Furthermore, certain chemical classes are more likely to harm amphibians. Best management practices in agroecosystems should incorporate amphibian species-specific response to agrochemicals as well as life stage dependent susceptibility to best conserve amphibian biodiversity in these landscapes. [Nick J. Baker, Betsy A. Bancroft & Tiffany S. Garcia (2013). A meta-analysis of the effects of pesticides and fertilizers on survival and growth of amphibians. Science of The Total Environment, 449(1), 150–156] [Photo: Amphibian populations are declining worldwide - Science Daily.] Comment

Keywords: Meta-analysis; Pesticide; Fertilizer; Amphibian; Agrochemical

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