Title: Weed Risk Assessements - Factor Analaysis

Using our unique tagging software we can group weed risk assessments under critical risk factor headings.

Note that the weeds presented in this section only draws on the weed risk assessments we have entered into our system to date. To help us grow the number of weeds covered by this service, please consider adopting a weed.

We can tag this weed risk data so that it will only be relevant for weeds found in your area - special weed data presentation enquires should be directed to david.low@monash.edu

Weed Risk Factors

Weeds with high impact on Australian Native Vegetation

Weeds rated high risk for erosion

Weeds rated high threat for altering fire regimes

Weeds rated high threat to land values

Weeds rated high danger to people

Weeds rated high impact on crop yields

Herbicide resistant weeds

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