Title: Glyphosate fears see Roundup pulled at UK garden centres

[HorticultureWeek 10 July 2015 by Matthew Appleby] London-based West Six and North One Garden Centres have stopped selling weedkiller Roundup after pressure from customers. The decision will see them become two of the first retailers in the UK to follow several European retailers that have withdrawn glyphosate-based products. Owner Beryl Henderson said customers' concerns about reported health risks associated with the active ingredient glyphosate had led to both the garden centres taking the product off their shelves in June. North One local authority Hackney Council has come under pressure to ban herbicides, from a group using petition website 38 Degrees to lobby for action. It stated: "The Hackney mayor (Jules Pipe) also claims that there is no point banning the council from using Roundup if it is still available in garden centres. We plan to lobby local retailers and ask them to stop selling Roundup." It continued: "PAN UK, starting with Brighton and Hove, wants to see a radical shift in thinking about pesticide use in towns and cities across the UK with the ultimate goal of the complete cessation of their use." The campaign has the support of local groups including Brighton Breast Cancer Action and the Brighton & Hove Organic Garden Group. PAN UK said local campaigns are also emerging in Falmouth, Camden and Newcastle, as well as Hackney. Glyphosate was classified as "probably carcinogenic" in March by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the World Health Organisation's specialist cancer agency ... Meanwhile, the IARC has evaluated the carcinogenicity of the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) as "possibly" carcinogenic to humans. The product is in domestic lawn weedkillers made by Scotts, Westland, Bayer and others. It has been defended by manufacturers, who insist it is safe to use. Comment

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